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is laser hair removal safe | Medical Beauty Laser

is laser hair removal safe

June 20, 2019 0 Comments

 is laser hair removal safe

1> Hair removal does not achieve clinical endpoint

What is the clinical endpoint?

When photoelectric action is applied to the skin, the operation of each item has a corresponding clinical end point, and the clinical end point, that is, the operation reaches a certain state, indicating that the operation is effective.

The clinical endpoint of hair removal is as follows:

1,The skin of the operation site is red and hot;

2,Smelling a burnt smell;

3, Accompanied by scattered red small papules.

Hair removal should be seen at the clinical end point!

is laser hair removal safe

2> Hair removal without multiple operations 

Hair has three growth cycles, the growth phase, the regression phase and the stationary phase.

The principle of laser hair removal is that the melanin in the hair matrix absorbs light energy, and the hair matrix transfers heat to the dermal papilla, and the hair nipple is coagulated by heat, and finally the hair is shed. In the hairy matrix of the growing period, the melanin content is high, and the most prone to thermal coagulation, so the hair in the growing period is most likely to fall off, while the hair matrix in the degenerative and stationary hairs has little melanin content, and it is difficult to absorb light. When heat is set, the hair cannot be removed, so the hair is removed several times.


The growth phase : Hair follicles have the highest melanin content and the best hair removal effect

The regression phase : Melanin is gradually reduced, and the hair removal effect is not accurate

The stationary phase : Insufficient melanin, unable to completely destroy hair follicles

is laser hair removal safe?

In addition to the growth cycle of hair, there are also different shades of hair that affect the number of hair removal operations, such as the position of the lips, face and hairline. Because the hair is lighter in color, the melanin content is less, and it is not easy to heat. It is solidified, so the number of removals is high. The parts of the underarms and bikinis are darker in color. The color of melanin is darker and it is easy to be coagulated by heat. Therefore, the number of times of hair removal is relatively small.

Operational treatment course: 3-6 times (depending on the operation site, the number of times has changed) Interval: 30 days/time


3> The instrument parameters are unreasonably adjusted

Appropriate clinical parameters, clinical parameters of different equipment are also different, and each person's clinical parameters are also different, so it is necessary to choose appropriate clinical parameters, starting from small energy, and the comfort that the customer can accept is appropriate.



The treatment parameters sheet in our manual is feedback from our distributors , so you can set more accurate parameters base on that sheet data .


4> Postoperative care is incorrect 

After depilation, it is slightly reddened: ice for half an hour, use depilatory care solution.


  1. Do not take a bath on the day of large-scale hair removal, and take a bath with clear water three days after the operation;
  2. Can not exercise vigorously in a week, can not steaming sauna and other sweating projects;
  3. Avoid taboos in a week: spicy, irritating, alcohol, seafood , etc.
  4. Use repair products after surgery, hydrating, sunscreen.


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