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what is ipl treatment | Medical Beauty Laser

what is ipl treatment

September 12, 2018 0 Comments

what is ipl treatment?

IPL or while intense pulsed light removes unwanted hair growth by means of brief flashes of light. These flashes are issued on the skin and absorbed by the pigment in the hair. This is followed by a heat development in the hair follicles which the groeicellen of the hair, who sit in their growth phase, destroyed forever.

Everyone works with IPL?
IPL laser hair removal works almost everyone regardless of gender or skin type.
The hair must, however, contain pigment. Gray and red hairs are not too flash. Dark hairs on a light skin are the best to deal with. But even when you are naturally a dark skin, you can finally go for permanent hair removal.

what is ipl treatment


How many treatments are required?

For IPL treatments in the face, you should count on average 8 to 10 Treatments Every 2 TO 4 weeks.
For IPL treatments on the body, you must count on average 8 to 10 Treatments Every 4 TO 8 weeks.

Why are there multiple treatments necessary?

Hair grows in 3 different stages. The growing phase, resting phase and transition.
With IPL can only the hairs in the growth phase weggeflitst are located. In this phase, the hair is connected to the root of the hair. The guides her to the light of the hair, which is permanently damaged, so there's no more out of her, I can grow. The percentage of hairs in the growth phase is between 10 % and 30 % per treatment.
During the treatment removes ipl final 80 % to 90 % of the visible hair.

The entire growth cycle of a body hair takes about 90 weeks.

That is why there are multiple treatments are necessary for a best possible outcome.

what is ipl treatment

Does IPL hair removal hurt?

Although the pain in everyone is different, can a IPL treatment does not hurt. However, it is necessary that you get a little slap against the skin feels to achieve results. You can compare this with a rubber band against your skin. Also we deal with areas that are particularly vulnerable, such as the upper lip, the pubic and dark huidtypen beforehand with a coolpack! Because your skin is a kind of numb is voluntary, you feel nothing left of the flash. After the treatment in the field what red and sensitive but this will soon disappear.

Should I let my hair grow for a IPL treatment? And by the way, can I shave?

Every treatment, it is important that there on the treatment area a stoppel state. Only by the stoppel can the IPL flash light inside. You should be the treatment area 2 days for the treatment to shave. Even after the first treatment the hair will grow less rapidly, so please be aware that you are not too close to the treatment. The last time I shave. Between the treatments by you should just shave the hairs. You can't the hair waxing and plucking and make no use of a hair removal cream on the treatment area.

what is ipl treatment?

What's the difference between IPL and laser?

These methods are often confused with each other. This is because they're all light-energy into heat energy, thereby be irreparably damaged hair follicles without damage to the surrounding tissue.
Laser Works with a wavelength of 800-810 NM Unlike IPL. That is why there is especially in the dark or something tinted persons chance of combustion. IPL makes use of a much broader spectrum of light to know 560 to 1200 NM, which makes the epidermis much less has come to inspire.


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