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Why we need permanent hair removal ?

April 10, 2019 0 Comments


This concept was acquired during a medical experience.

It turns out that my understanding of the need for hair removal is just that I feel that my hair is not good-looking, that the genital hair is prone to bacteria, and so on. But I understand now that the benefits of hair removal do not stop there.



✅ hair removal helps absorb skin care products and wear makeup.

Usually there is no hair growth on the surface of the skin, and its delicateness is much higher than that of the hair growth site. The facial laser hair removal project that we are now common in medical beauty, the meaning of the invention is actually even skin tone and delicate pores.

Why need hair removal ?


hair removal helps absorb skin care products and wear makeup.

The hair on the body is similar to the trees on the vegetation and is the

"preferred destination for fertilizers" 

That is to say, the skin care products and make-ups that you buy at a large price will be absorbed by the hair first, and then the skin you really want to achieve. Hair removal is equivalent to pulling out the tree that eats your skincare makeup, letting the fertilizer flow to where it is going.

Regarding makeup, please imagine how easy it is to apply a liquid foundation on a peach and a small tomato.

Why need hair removal ?



Now in Europe and the United States, even the popularity of full face shaving has become popular:

“Even Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe shaved their faces! ”

—— Huda BeautyWhy Shaving My Face Is The Best Thing I Had Ever Done


Then the problem is coming again! Why are some people always unsatisfactory when doing hair removal?

Maybe because of these points!  

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