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UltraCavi Plus

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Vertical Ultrasound Fat Cavitation RF Skin Tightening Machine

CE certificate

2 Years Warranty 

User Manual


Ultrasound fat cavitation RF skin tightening machine is equipped with handpiece connectors with many functions such as facial lifting, face shaping, skin tightening, pore shrinking, skin rejuvenation, improving acne sequela, freckle removal, skin whitening, wrinkle removal, soften fine wrinkle, improving eye bags and black circle, accelerating skin metabolism, delaying senescence, improving superficial and deep orange peel tissue, body sliming and so on.

7 in 1 functions including

  • 1 Cavitation handle

  • 1 Lipolysis handle (Molopolar rf + Cavitation function)

  • Big and small tripolar rf handle

  • Big and small bipolar rf handle

  • 1 Vacuum handle (Include tripolar rf + lipo laser function)

    Function 7 in 1 (optional)
    LD wavelelgth 635nm/650nm/940nm/980nm (optional)
    Singel-laser outpot power 0-140MW (adjustable)
    Cavitation frequency 40.5KHZ,33KHZ,28KHZ(adjustable)
    Cavitation Max output 100W
    Cavitation intense 0-5W/cm²
    Languages English,Spanish,Italian,German,French,Turkish or any other language as requested
    RF frequency 1MHZ
    RF outpot Mono/Bi RF/Tri RF/Multy RF (optional)
    RF energy 10~50 W/cm²
    RF power 300W
    Noise < 50db
    Update system USB update
    Voltage 110V/220V±20V,50/60 Hz
    Display 8.4` color touch LCD display

    water+air+water cooling (optional)

    Vacuum pressure

    0~0.1 Mpa

    Vacuum power



    Equipment dimension parameters

    • Dimensions: 55cm*43cm*102cm (vertical type)
    • Weight: 45KG (vertical type)

      Working principle

      Ultrasound fat cavitation RF skin tightening machine can emit an ultrasound wave to smash fat mass, burn fat and dissolve fat. Then the thermal effect of single-laser energy will accelerate the metabolism of fat, water, and toxins and can consolidate and enhance the treatment effect of fat removal and body shaping. Besides, the skin lifting and body shaping and regrowth of collagen elastic fibers of single-laser energy can achieve a rapid fat reduction effect for obese patients.


      • The ultrasound fat cavitation RF skin tightening machine is equipped with water flooding and high water temperature monitor system to ensure the safety of operation.
      • The beauty machine is suitable for all universal 6 skin types in the world.
      • You can choose a single pulse or continuous pulse two kinds of output energy methods.
      • The machine is installed with an 8-inch color touch screen, which is very simple and convenient for operation.
      • In the clinical treatment process, the patients will not feel any pain and not cause any wound.
      • The equipment has acquired CE certification.


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