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What is MultiShape?

.The best combinations of Multi-polar RF, Vacuum and Cavitation have shown effective results in cellulite reduction and body reshaping .Using the specially designed Multi-polar applicator, target management for eye & neck lifting

Soft and powerful vibrational effect through the SuperPulse suction system

Multipurpose management to accommodate for the diverse needs of patients .Using a diverse array of applicators, it is an easy and convenient way for whole body management (removable method and automatic recognition function)





  • Technology integrated to reduce vibrational sounds to bare minimum.

.Using the new patented technology SuperPuIse from the Vacuum, the best results are achieved for cellulite reduction and body reshaping management

.EndermoIogie function with no pain and high quantity of motion

.AbIe to control the level of Vacuum and Release to achieve the best results .User is able to enjoy the smooth and gentle sensation of the *Sliding Technology

.15 pulse outputs per second to achieve maximum effect of physical activity

*Sliding Technology Enables the selection of vacuum and release area between "A" "B" "C" , facilitating the smooth and free move— ment of the handpiece which enhances the treatment efficiency




Effects of Multi—polar RF

lncreases intracellular diffusion of oxygen by heat

increases the micro circulation .Actively promotes the degradation and lipid metabolism of fat cells

Ensures tightening of the collagen fibers

lmproves the elasticity and firming of the skin

Light Therapy effect via RF technology

No pain, effective & completely safe

Effects of Vacuum .Promotes lymphatic and degraded fat cells drainage and blood circulation

Reduces the subcutaneous layer of the fat chamber

lncreases blood flow in the veins and facilitate the supply of oxygen to the blood

Reduces the adhesiveness of fat cells

Relaxes the tissue and massages the fascia




Body Applicator



Effects of Ultrasonic Cavitation .38KHz ultrasonic cavitation' s wavelength promotes degradation of fat by reaching deep into the area of subcutaneous fat normally difficult to be reached by average high frequency procedure

No pain, effective & completely safe




Power Input

220-240VAC 50/60 1-Iz

Maximum Power Consumption


Classification (EN60601-1 )

classl , Type BF

User Inter Face

10.21nch Touch LCD

Size (W D H )

388 x 354 x 1095 mm


50 Kg

Frequency : 1.2MHz Bi-PoIar , Multi Polar , Max 50W

Light Therapy : Red LED (630nm) , Blue LED (430nm)


Frequency : 36KHz ± 10%

Max Power : 50W

Pulse Type : 4 (Continues , Pulsel , Pulse2 , Auto)


Max Vacuum : 350mmHg

1 15Hz Pulse (Continues , Pulse , Super-Pulse)

Treatment Timer

0-30min (Preset 1 Omin)


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multi shapemulti shape

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