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1060nm Diode Lasershape

FDA, CE, TUV, ISO approve

Our ShapeRfect has a high affinity for subcutaneous adipose tissue.

The energy transmitted by the laser causes the molecules in the irradiated tissue to move, create heat, then raise the temperature between 42 oc and 47 oc. Around this temperature, the cell membrane structural integrity of the target adipocyte will be broken down, then leads the cells inactivation.

During the next several months, the dead adipocytes can be eliminated by lymphatic metabolism, thereby achieving the effect of slimming and shaping.

1060nm diode laser lasershape

  • Non-invasive, non-surgical
  • Fast treatment in about 25 minutes
  • Versatility in treating different areas of stubborn fat
  • Precise targeting of adipocytes without damaging the surrounding tissue
  • Results can be seen quickly, 2 treatments can reduce 13% of the cellulite.
  • Advanced Contact Cooling technology for optimal patient comfort
  • Controlled temperature technology, around 42 0C-47 0C
  • No downtime






Why choose us?
  • Flat, no vacuum handle makes treatment comfortable

  • Germany imported laser source guarantees the clinic effect

  • Diode laser source is set in the handle, no light loss for transmission, enjoying the best energy

  • Real sapphire transfer the cooling without delay

  • Four hands-free applicators enable multiple areas treatment in the meantime

Friendly software, easy operation and parameter setting


 Treatment Time   25mins
Handles 4
Laser Type Diode laser Wavelength 1060nm Power Density o.1w-1.7W/c
Power Modes   Continuous
Pulse Duration  1-20ms
Time 1-60min
Voltage 110-2201/ Dimension
Net Weight 70KG Gross Weight 94KG


 Before & After


After 1 treatment                                                After 3 treatment

After 5 treatment

 before and after lasershape

 After 1 treatment

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