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980nm Diode laser painless vascular treatment machine

CE artificate

One Year Warranty 


  • Vascular diseases

  • Facial spider vein patterns

  • skin redness removal (including of all kinds of capillary telangiectasia, cherry angioma and so on)


Laser type Diode laser
 Wavelength 980nm
Power 80W
Laser power 16W
Frequency 1-20 Hz
Rent System Optional
Work mode Continuous/Pulse
Spot size 1.4mm,1.9mm,2.4mm

veins removal

Working Principle

The 980nm Diode laser vascular treatment machine is based on laser selective absorption characteristics and adopts a 980nm wavelength laser, which can penetrate deep within the skin and act on blood vessel walls. Hemoglobin and pigmentation in the vessel can absorb the laser energy with 980nm wavelength, which leads to vasoconstriction and blood coagulation. Finally, with the help of normal metabolism, the machine can realize vascular treatment. What's more, in the treatment process, the machine will not do any harm on tissue and epidermal skin around of around normal skin.

veins removal

veins removal

  1. The diode laser vascular treatment machine adopts a German imported 980nm diode laser device. 

  2. The beauty machine adopts a true color touch screen and is very simple for operation.

  3. The temperature control system of our machine can monitor instrument temperature at all times. The system will automatically alarm to ensure safe operation when the temperature is higher than normal.

  4. The system of our beauty machine is also equipped with water overflow, overvoltage, and failure automatic protection systems, ensuring the safety of users in the treatment.

  5. Our beauty machine has acquired CE certification.

Before & After
veins removal

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