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AquaPeel & Hydrogen 6 in 1 system 

CE certificate

Aqua Peel:

Eliminate skin waste in a pore(Black/whitehead, sebum and demodex) Penetrate active ingredients of solution into deeper skin




Hydrafacial aqual peel handle: Non-invasive exfoliation to cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin safely and painlessly.

Skin Scrubber vibration cleaning: Skin exfoliation, blackhead removal.

Ultrasound handle: Improve skin absorption, allow the essence penetrates deep into the skin, promotes metabolism, increases cell viability, and improves blood and lymph circulation.

BIO Microcurrent: Improves fine lines on the eyes, enhances firmness, tightening skin

High polymer infusion: Combine with liquid solutions, produce oxygen-rich water, infuse deeper into dermis layer.

Cold handle: Shrinks pores, tightens skin, eliminates redness and sensitivity

Hydrogen Toning

Cause of skin-aging!! Free Oxygen Radicals!

Manage your inner skin with hydrogen water peeling!

Hydrogen toning:

Hydrogen capsules directly penetrate into the skin, eliminate free oxygen redicals, and cleanse deep in the pores. H2: 1000-1500ppb

    Spiral tips

    --larger: Entire face except T-zone

    --Smaller: T-zone

    If the waste product bottle is full, empty the bottle to use continuously

    Treatment procedures:

    Cleansing and steam to release the pores. H2 mode treatment(Hydrogen peeling)

    Removal of active oxygen, decrese of ph, moisturization.

    • H2-Step 1. Tapping on the face for moisturizing, Tapping with hand to penetrate H2
    • H2-step 2. Dragging for broader area,Guide and hold the skin with another hand

    Hydrafacial Aqua Peeling


    Uncover a new layer of skin with gentle exfoliation and relaxing resurfacing.


    move debris from pores with painless suction. Nourish with intense moisturizers


    saturate the skin's surface with antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow!

    Aqua Peel:

    Eliminate skin waste in a pore(Black/whitehead, sebum and demodex) Penetrate active ingredients of solution into deeper skin

    Liquid in 3 bottle:

    AS1: AHA Exfoliation, moisturizing, accelaration of collagenesis,and antioxidant. (Main ingredient: Glycolic acid)

    AS2: BHA acne care, losen blackhead and sebum in clogged pores, cleaning stririllzation, anti-inflammatory. (Main ingredient: Salicylic acid)

    AS3: HYDRO essense vitamin B,E, G,F and other nutrients.

    Treatment procedure
    • AS1 (softening facial skin)---Dragging for broader area cleanse exfoliate hydrate

    Moisturization, removal of keratin.

    • AS2 (pore& T-zone treatment)---Do "twist&press" movement

    Oil contra exfoliate hydrate

    Remove balck head, white head, demodex folliculorum

    Cleanse remained sebum and residues with cleansing sponge.

    • AS3 Vitamin-C serum hydrate---Tapping on the face for

    Vitamin penetration

    Nourishment, anti-aging, whitening, moisturization.

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