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fat reduction

Beauty Equipment Fat Freezing cryolipolysis machine

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Vacuum Cavitation System 

Fat freezing- Intraoperative frozen weight originates from the American weight loss surgery using an innovative machine called "Zeltiq", using the known as" frozen fat dissolving technique" of the cooling means for locking, freezing and eventually break down fat cells. Zeltiq is from Harvard University and researches at Massachusetts General Hospital development, since the year before putting into use it was shown to be on a diet in the war and achieved a great victory. Now, this technique also comes to England.

Some experts regard this non-invasive bariatric surgery called a revolutionary new concept. New York skin disease experts, involved in Zeltiq clinical trials of David Gould Berg said:" over the years, we have been dissolving the fat by heating. Now, instead of the way than other non-invasive methods and is way more effective." Test results show that the first Zeltiq treatment can be treated area up to 25% fat destroy.


Frozen fat dissolving technology is gradually absorbed the subcutaneous fat calories. Fat cells temperature is reduced to zero degrees Fahrenheit, or they will be frozen. The low temperature in the killing of fat cells without affecting the skin or muscle. The death of fat cells followed by the liver is discharged in vitro.

Fat-Freezing Technology background:

Too much fat can influence a person's appearance and movement ability. May also lead to various diseases. Too much fatty tissue located in various parts of the body, including the legs, buttocks, abdomen, knee, back, arms and the other areas. An excess of adipose tissue into cells may cause an unsightly appearance. Excess body fat was also associated with significant health risks that have direct relation, so we need effective methods to control or eliminate excess body fat.

Liposuction is removing excess fat deposition of the cosmetic operation process, it can be a method to remove excess fat, these treatments shortcomings that may be invalid, or even in localized plastic, slim. Usually made of plastic surgery or dermatology special operation equipment to liposuction, with an invasive method to the removal of subcutaneous adipose tissue.

Another non-invasive manner, such as by drugs, diet, exercise, or a combination of these some cases is not possible to do. For example, when a person is injured or sick, you cannot choose the regular exercise; Similarly, when weight loss pills or topical drug allergy or adverse reaction, in addition, the use of physical or systematic approach to weight loss, you can eliminate the designated area of the fat body.

The cooling process using frozen fat dissolving operation is fundamentally different from other or minimally invasive manner and was approved as the most effective way to reduce fat.

This is a revolutionary new method since being put into use, the fat reduction, has been recognized as important technical progress. For those dieting, exercise regularly but still need to eliminate local fat people, frozen fat dissolving skill is definitely a great gift. The fat concentration positions and less fat parts, like love processing (both sides), and back fat, ( the subtraction buttock top sides of the waist fat ), abdominal and back fat, frozen fat dissolving operation can produce amazing results.

Especially in the low temperature, fat is the triglyceride will be transformed into solid. It uses advanced cooling technology, through a gradual process of selective targeting of fat bulges and remove the fat cells, this process can not harm the surrounding tissue, reduce the redundant fat, as the fat cells blasting of cooling, will gradually reduce the thickness of a layer of fat, forming a natural elimination process, treatment of regional fat cells will slowly through the normal human the new supersedes the old. To eliminate, so as to remove excess fat.

Technical Specifications
Energy (output) 1000W
Key technology Cryolipolysis + vacuum + LED
Delivery Type Pulse; CW
Pump suction rate 25cub.m/h
Infrared lamp 20W
Light spectrum 640nm (infrared);690nm (LED)
Handpiece 2xcryolipolysis + vacuum (180x85MM)
Cooling way Continous contact cooling
Cooling temperature -2c - (-10c)
Display 8 true color LCD touch  screen
Electrical Requirements 100-240VAC,20A max.,50/60Hz


Treatment parameters:

 For little fat person
Treatment area Treatment course Treatment frequency Treatment time (minutes) Treatment temperature (c) Vacuum time Relese time
Abdomen 3 course each 20 days 15 -2 1.0s 0.5s
Belly 3 course each 15 days 10 -4 1.5s 1.0s
Buttock 3 course each 20 days 15 -2 1.5s 1.0s
Back 3 course each 15 days 15 -2 1.0s 0.5s
Thigh 3 course each 15 days 15 -2 1.5s 1.0s
Calf 3 course each 15 days 15 -2 1.5s 1.0s
Shoulder 3 course each 20 days 15 -2 1.0s 0.5s
Arm 3 course each 20 days 15 -2 1.0s 0.5s


  For extramly fat person
Treatment area Treatment course Treatment frequency Treatment time (minutes) Treatment temperature (c) Vacuum time Relese time
Abdomen 3 course each 15 days 15 -4 1.0s 0.5s
Belly 4 course each 10 days 15 -4 1.5s 1.0s
Buttock 3 course each 15 days 15 -4 1.5s 1.0s
Back 4 course each 15 days 15 -4 1.5s 1.0s
Thigh 3 course each 10 days 15 -4 1.5s 1.0s
Calf 3 course each 10 days 15 -4 1.5s 1.0s
Shoulder 3 course each 15 days 15 -4 1.5s 1.0s
Arm 3 course each 15 days 15 -4 1.5s 1.0s




fat freezing

Fat-Freezing Treatment set: 

  1. Each part needs 10 - 15 minutes (depending on the fat thickness and health ).
  2. Only a portion of a part of the treatment of fat, for example, to eliminate the fat in the waist, you need to complete a few courses.
  3. After a course of treatment, and another one of the cooling processes in the same position for 2 to 3 months, can reduce the redundant fat layer thickness, after two times of treatment, can enhance the frozen fat dissolving operation, but is not recommended for multiple randomized treatments.
  4. Frozen fat dissolving therapy is mainly directed against the local hypertrophy fat accumulation zone to design, the physical health of people, but not for the overall obesity, mainly used for the treatment of a particular part, such as the fat in the waist, abdomen, and back, and other local fat. Its treatment is not omnipotent, not the treatment of obesity, it cannot replace liposuction or other invasive treatment. Substantial weight reduction should by eating a balanced diet and regular exercise, frozen fat dissolving therapy can only carry extra fat elimination.
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fat freezing

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