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Working principle

The OPT SHR super hair removal machine acts primarily on hair follicles by creating a high thermal energy that destroys the hair follicle structure, and prevents regrowth, thus ensuring a permanent hair removal effect. The OPT SHR hair removal machine is equipped with a contact cooling handpiece, which ensures the thermal energy destroys only the hair follicle, and other thermal energy on the skin surface will be diffused using a cooling handpiece device. During the treatment process, the equipment causes no harm to your skin, and is painless.


The OPT SHR super hair removal machine is equipped with two SHR handpieces and features an output power of 2,000W, making it especially useful for busy beauty salons and clinics. The SHR machine is used for:

  • Hair removal

  • Skin redness removal

  • Pockmark remova

  • Freckle removal

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Wrinkle reduction and more

Technical parameter
 Function SHR OPT
Wavelength 430/530/560/590~1200nm,640~950nm(standard), 410/420/480/580/585-1200nm,610/620~950nm(optional)
Spot size 15*50mm²,12*30mm²,12*45mm²,8*40mm²(optional)
Energy 1-50J/cm²(adjustable)
Continually shooting time 1-60s (adjustable)
Pulse width 1-15MS(adjustable)
Pulse repetition rate 1-10 Hz(adjustable)
Languages English,Spanish,Italian,German,French,Turkish or any other language as requested
Treatment mode sp,tp,mp
Skin type 1-6 skin type
Update system USB update
Rent system optional
Display 8.4` color touch LCD display ,10` (optional)
Cooling water+air+semiconductor+A/C
Voltage 110V/220V±20V,50/60 Hz

Details of OPT SHR Super Hair Removal Machine

Details of KM300+ OPT SHR Super Hair Removal Machine

Features of SHR machine
  • Our SHR equipment uses AFT technology, which ensures a more powerful and stable energy when compared to IPL energy.
  • Users can choose a special pule width between 640 to 950nm for painless hair removal.
  • The handpiece of our SHR hair removal machine is equipped with a Germa HERAEUS xenon lamp, which features outstanding functions and a stable output energy.
  • Using motion technology, the SHR equipment is more suitable for quick treatment of large skin areas. The maximum frequency of 10Hz offers a faster treatment speed than IPL methods.
  • Seting parameters in the SHR equipment are more convenient than IPL technology.
  • The handpiece of our SHR machine uses a sapphire material that features an outstanding energy transmission and heat dissipation.
  • We use an imported American plug and play handpiece connector, which is aimed at meeting continuous operation needs in busy clinics and beauty salons.

  • The SHR hair removal machine features a power supply of 2000W.

  • The intelligent system in our SHR equipment is equipped with a water flooding and high water temperature protection system, which halts machine operation during risky conditions. This protects users and patients alike against any damage.


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