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Portable Nd: YAG Laser

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Portable Nd: YAG Laser

CE certificate

2 Years Warranty 

User Manual


  • YAG laser skin pigmentation treatment machine is a kind of portable beauty equipment and is mainly used to remove coffee spots, freckles, tattoos, eyebrows tattoos, eyeliner tattoos and so on.

  • Cooperated with 1320nm carbon lotion handpiece, KM-L-100C Nd: YAG laser skin pigmentation treatment device can achieve beauty effects of skin rejuvenation, pore shrinking, freckle removal, skin whitening, deep pore cleansing, and skin oil controlling and so on.

  • Besides, the equipment is well designed with handle and casters for the convenience of quick moving of machines in the treatment process. 

Technical parameters
  • Single handpiece Nd: YAG laser device: 58*43*37cm, 21KG
  • Single pulse: 600W
  • Certification: CE certification
Laser type Nd Yag  laser
Wavelength 1064nm & 532nm & 1320nm
Spot size 1-8mm(adjustable)
Energy 1-1600MJ(adjustable)
Pulse width 1-10nm(adjustable)
Ferquency 1-6Hz(adjustable)
Languages English,Spanish,Italian,German,French,Turkish or any other language as requested
Display 8.4` color touch LCD display, 10` (optional)
Update system USB update
Cooling  water+air+semiconductor + A/C
Voltage 110V/220V±20V, 50/60 Hz


    Working principle

    Nd: YAG laser skin pigmentation treatment device uses laser blasting principle and can break the pigment down into small particles and then realize the tattoo removal effect. Besides, the laser will not do any harm on the around normal skin in the treatment process.

    • Nd: YAG laser skin pigmentation treatment device adopts ABS insulating material shell with strong anti-jamming capability.
    • The laser skin pigmentation treatment equipment is equipped with a water temperature monitoring system. You can set the water temperature and the machine will automatically stop working when the water temperature is higher than setting value.
    • Our machine also has water flow detection. When the water flow is rather small or stop, our equipment will automatically stop working.
    • We support custom design for multi-language in the operation interface based on your requirements.
    • The laser beauty machine is equipped with an infrared indicator, which can distinguish more precisely the treatment area. Therefore, it can largely enhance the utilization of the laser device and save costs


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